GeoFlo 600 Test Pump

GeoFlo 600 high pressure test pump for loops and small pipelines. Can be fitted with real time data logger.

GeoFlo 600 Test Pump
GeoFlo 600 Test Pump

The GeoFlo 600 is a portable, compact, lightweight unit specifically designed for pressure testing Geothermal loops and associated pipelines.

Available with or without a ‘real time’ data logger it can be used as part of a Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) system designed to ensure that the highest quality of installation is achieved.

When fitted with a ‘real time’ data logger it is not only possible to prove that the testing was actually carried out but it can be date stamped to demonstrate the exact time the test took place thus adding additional security to projects and supporting any contractual problems.

The on-board data logger is easily removable to allow it to be stored in a secure location and/or to be taken back to the office for downloading.

Full details of the pressure test are recorded by the DicksonWare™ software which provides full details of the test including graphic presentations all of which can be downloaded onto a laptop or PC via a USB cable.


# Precise measurement
# Portable
# Compact & lightweight
# Manual operation
# No electric required
# On board “real time” data logger
# Removable data logger
# Free DicksonWare software
# Downloadable data
# Software data security feature
# 1 second sampling rate possible
# 6 month battery life@5minute sampling
# Graphic presentation of data
# Analogue pressure gauge

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